Thursday, June 5, 2014


By now, you've all heard about the murder of several women by a man tired of rejection.  You've seen the outcry, read the tweets and posts.  Women are bravely sharing their stories and demanding change.  Tonight, I am joining them.  

#YesAllWomen because the first time someone called me a "slut," I was 11 years old.
#YesAllWomen because my first kiss was not magical--it was forced.
#YesAllWomen because that was the first, but not the last, time that a boy did something to me without my consent.

#YesAllWomen because, as a teen, I thought that was normal.

#YesAllWomen because THIS should never happen.

#YesAllWomen because her story could have easily been my own, the night I went to a frat party and had too much to drink.  And people told me I was lucky that I hadn't been if I had, it would have been my own fault. 

#YesAllWomen because we deserve better than that.  

#YesAllWomen because my body is mine and mine alone. I do not "owe" anything to anyone.

#YesAllWomen because I'm raising 3, and I cannot protect them. 

Women around the world are abused, raped, and killed by men every day. Young girls are kidnapped and sold.   Here in the US, women are paid less than men to do the same job, and feminism is still a dirty word.  This needs to stop.  We are one-half of the population, yet we are still not considered equal to men.  The time for change is now.   

"Strong Women: May we know them.  May we raise them.  May we be them."